Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

Pro Benefits Administrators takes pride in our track record of offering quality dental products and outstanding customer service at affordable premiums. We have the experience and capabilities to design and administer a dental benefits product that will meet each and every employer’s needs. Our dental products include:

Fully-Insured PPO Plans: 

Pro Benefits Administrators offers employees plans that entitle them to services at deeply discounted cost from the dentists in our network. Co-pays are charged for major and minor restorations. Because our dentists accept our fee schedule, we can keep costs low, and premiums affordable. 

Employers can set deductibles, co-pays and maximums at varying amounts. Premiums can be completely employer funded, shared with employees, or completely voluntary. There is a dental product to fit every employer’s specific needs & budget. Employees have flexibility as well. They can choose dentists outside our network and still have a generous percentage of service fees covered.

Self-Funded Dental Plans:

Pro Benefits allows employers to effectively manage costs AND increase cash flow by charging you only for claims that are actually incurred. We enable clients to reduce their premiums while maintaining plan quality. Candidates with favorable loss ratios and low employee turnover, can experience significant savings by switching to a self-funded arrangement. Costs associated with fully-insured premiums are eliminated. Savings for an employer with 125 employees can range from 15-25%.

Through expert plan design & plan monitoring, we help you manage costs. We have the ability to administer limitless plan designs and fee schedules. Our experts help you develop plan designs for short term & long term needs. Our self-funded plans are aggressively reviewed by an on-staff dentist for quality of care & fraud.

Dental Pay offers low monthly Administrative Fees. There are no additional or hidden fees. We are dedicated to long-term partnerships & are committed to excellence. Our claims administration system is accurate and efficient. Quick claims turnaround time. Our website, offers detailed Provider searches. We offer online enrollment and forms are available for download.

Discount Dental Program:

Pro Benefits Administrators offers a voluntary membership discount plan that enables your company to provide a valuable benefit at NO cost to you. Anyone can join, even part-time workers and retirees. 

For a very modest annual membership fee, participants receive substantial discounts from dentists in our network. Because this is not insurance, rates are reduced for all services, and there are no deductibles, restrictions, or claims forms. 

Dental Pay Direct is an excellent alternative to an orthodontia rider that some employees don't need or want to pay for. Those who need the service can simply join Dental Pay Direct and take advantage of significant savings, without driving premiums up for everyone else.

Select a plan from the list below for more information:

  • Dental Pay is a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) for Self-Funded Dental Programs.
  • Dental Pay Plus is a Fully-Insured Managed Care Dental Program. It is available to employer groups located in NY state with 10 or more full-time employees.
  • Dental Pay Direct Discount Plan is available to all individuals, and family members who are not associated with an employer group. It is available to individuals located anywhere in the U.S.