Preferred Provider Organization Dental Networks

Utilizing our extensive PPO network benefits both employees and employers through reduced premiums and less out-of-pocket costs. Our network is one of the largest in New York State, and we actively recruit dentists for our clients. With competitive fee schedules, credentialing, and efficient customer service, our network gives employers the opportunity to build and create a plan that works for the needs of their employees. 

Large, High Quality Network of Dentists: Since our PPO network is privately owned, there is a stringent credentialing process for dentists. Pro Benefits is committed to developing a network of dentists that uphold the most superior standards of care. 

Customize an Expanding Network: Pro Benefits Administrators contracts with Careington and Dentemax. This enables us to offer PPO networks nationwide for fully-insured, self-funded or voluntary dental plans. Pro Benefits also has the ability to custom build networks for use of private label for large self-funded clients. 

Our Dental Director is a Certified Dental Consultant (CDC) who is also a fully-licensed dentist. His responsibilities include overseeing the provider relations department and Fraud Unit. He also oversees the claims review and pre-treatments review process. Under his direction we conduct extensive credentialing of all participating dentists as well as comprehensive fraud investigation, which insures the integrity of our provider network.

On-going Quality Control: Dental Pay Plus conducts year-round on-site visits with participating dentists to ensure: cleanliness and orderliness of the dental office; updated sterilization techniques; maintain stringent infectious disease controls; keep convenient office hours and appropriate record-keeping; and update credentials.